In the West, many people associate yoga purely with posture work and breathing techniques so you may be surprised to learn that meditation is actually the ultimate aim of yoga. The physical practice and breath work are simply preparations to ensure that the body and mind is in the best possible state to meditate.

Whilst the benefits of mediation have been known by yoga practitioners for hundreds of years, scientific research is now backing these up with substantive studies which show that the practice not only has an impact of mental well-being but physical health too. Reduced stress, lower rates of anxiety and depression, better sleep and reduced blood pressure are just a few of the measurable benefits of a regular meditation practice.

Whilst there are many forms of meditative practice in yoga, I find that beginners usually connect most easily with guided meditation where I take them on a visual journey. By concentrating on the sound of my voice, people are able to stop their attention from wandering so that they can engage more fully with the meditative process. It also requires no previous experience and is therefore available to everyone.

Meditation at care home, The Motorcycling Yogi, Redditch

Meditation at care homes

I have been teaching meditation to residents at care homes (namely Bupa and Sunrise Senior Living) for a number of months and find that this practice brings multiple benefits. High levels of anxiety and memory impairment (from which many residents suffer) can be significantly reduced with regular mediation which brings with it a calmness and sense of clarity. Also, because it does not require a certain level of mobility or mental agility, the practice is open to all – I even teach one class in the room of a bed-bound resident so that she can enjoy the benefits of meditation along with her fellow participants.

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Meditation at my yoga studio

Many of my yoga students have been asking for meditation as part of their yoga practice, but with such a diverse range of interests and background in a class, it is not always possible to accommodate this in our weekly yoga practice. Each guided meditation lasts for 40 minutes with a course running in four weekly cycles. The class fee is £7 per person with four weeks payable upfront. This class will run during the daytime. .

Here is what one student had to say about my meditation classes:
“Meditation is a totally new concept to me.  However, Sarah has gently and confidently taken me through my first few sessions and I can honestly say that I am a calmer and less stressed person as a result.  It is now a tool that I can use myself whenever I feel the need.” Margaret Gaskin

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Meditation at care home, The Motorcycling Yogi, Redditch

Meditation at the workplace

Meditation is a simple and effective activity to arrange in the workplace. Requiring no props or equipment, numbers are only limited to the size of the room available which means that a regular meditation class can work out to be a very cost effective activity per head. As you are no doubt aware, the number of work days lost to stress and anxiety is on the rise, so this is one activity that can benefit employee and employer alike. In fact, I find that I am often approached by members of staff at care homes to teach meditation to them as their job can be stressful and take quite an emotional toll. Meditation is available to everyone, so if you have staff who might not be able to participate in other work activities due to a physical challenge, this maybe a great activity to offer as an all inclusive option.

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