Pain Empowerment

How Did The Course Come Into Being?

This course was written and filmed during COVID-19. It gave me time and space to reflect on my own health and pain journey. Too often we don’t get chance to see how far we have come and to honour our victories, however small they might be. One day, I put pen to paper and the course wrote itself. It poured out of me and the whole process was healing in itself. I wanted to share my gathered experiences in the sincere hope it will help you on your path towards wellness.

Is This Course Right For You?

  • Do you suffer from pain as a symptom of a chronic health condition?
  • Are you interested in seeking out a natural path as a stand-alone approach to health or even as a complement to taking medication?
  • Are you interested in holistic health but don’t know where to start?
  • Maybe you feel alone in your pain and want to feel empowered?

What Does The Course Cover?

This course is delivered via video and supported downloadable worksheets and is divided into 4 chapters:

  1. Being Heard
  2. Body (subdivided into diet, essential oils, breath and mudras)
  3. Mind (meditations)
  4. Energy (covering sleep, plants and cellular voltage)

When I used to work in the corporate world, meetings used to drive me crazy as they would last for hours when in reality, the information could have been shared within 10 minutes. Many courses are like that too. You are waiting for that gem or nugget of information amongst hours of footage or hidden within reams of paper. This course is full of action or fact packed sound bites without the waffle! You will discover 18 techniques or practices to try along with 6 accompanying worksheets to complete. Peppered in-between are little hints and points of interest along the way.


The course content is about being as accessible to as many people as possible, by covering all four learning styles. It can be digested at your own pace, in your own way, as it’s pre-recorded.

  • Kinaesthetic: Interactive and engaging exercises
  • Read & Write: Six worksheets
  • Visual: Delivered via video
  • Listening (Aural): Breathing techniques and visualisations

Why Buy From Me?

  • I understand pain having had Psoriatic Arthritis since my mid 30s (over 12 years ago)
  • I have tried and tested almost every holistic approach out there from the more well-known approaches to the damn right bizarre (feel free to ask me!)
  • I know what is like not to be heard and understood by those around you
  • I am passionate about empowering people who are in pain to take action. We sometimes mourn the loss of the person who we were before the pain or illness took hold


The course cost is £56.  To purchase, please contact me via this link.

For those who would like further support, a 1-2-1 video session can be arranged.  This would be an additional charge.