Private Yoga Classes

A private lesson may be for you if you would like to work on your own personal goals, if you are a sports person looking to gain a competitive edge or if you are wanting to increase your mobility in the privacy of your own space. Maybe you are looking to join a group lesson but would like private tuition to learn the foundations before attending a larger class?

Over the years, I have taught competitive cyclists, runners, golfers and rugby players who are all looking to supplement their main sport. I have worked with people who have various physical or health challenges such as those with arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, infertility and those that have been in industry related accidents and vehicle collisions. Most of my private clients have chosen to practice with me on a long term basis (around three to four years) and use it as a way to maintain their wellbeing as much as they possibly can. I frequently teach couples and on occasions, families, as it is a wonderful way to share an activity together that benefits yours and their health at the same time.

Where are the classes held?

Currently private sessions are hosted via Zoom.  When Government restrictions allow, there is the option to have your lesson in in my converted loft studio near Beoley, Worcestershire. If you have mobility issues and are unable to climb the fixed ladder into my loft studio, then alternative arrangements can be made. Classes are held on a one-to-one basis or on a one-to-two basis. All equipment is provided.

If you have private healthcare, some companies will fund a series of personalised yoga lessons.  If yoga is part of your ongoing health management programme and you are referred by a specialist (such as an osteopath or chiropractor) then you may be able to seek reimbursement.  All companies and schemes are different, so please ask your healthcare provider. I am happy to supply the necessary paperwork needed to support your claim.

As a compliment to yoga, I offer Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy which is a natural healing modality designed to support you at a cellular level.  It is a wonderful approach for helping the body and mind to heal itself from acute injuries to longer term conditions.

How much are private classes?

A one hour yoga lesson costs £65 whether that is hosted online or at my studio (when Government restrictions have been lifted). This fee includes writing a personalised lesson plan based on your needs and requirements. A different lesson will be written each time to ensure variety, engagement and full range of movement of the body, where possible (depending on injury/capability). Fees will be higher if the lesson is held at an external location (to allow for travel time and fuel).

If you are still unsure whether a private lesson is for you, please take a few minutes to read some testimonials from previous and current clients. Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements and for further information on all the yoga packages available.


A Few Words From My Students

Claire Barley

I have been suffering from severe back, neck, chest and side pain for several years now... It is aggravated by stress and caused through medical negligence. After several visits to my osteopath he recommended that I tried yoga to help me de-stress and learn to breathe properly. He gave me The Motorcycling Yogi’s number and we from there. Firstly had a lengthy, informative telephone conversation and booked my first one on one lesson.

On immediately meeting Sarah I felt welcomed and knew that this was totally going to work for me. We spent our first hour concentrating on some simple stretches for my spine but most importantly learning to breathe - something I have not been doing correctly for way too many years. Through the power of the breath I have learnt to immediately de-stress myself particularly at work. My job is very stressful and the stress intensifies my pain. 

However, since learning to control and more importantly focus on my breathing and visualising moving the breath to different areas of my body, I am very pleased to say that the stress is no longer affecting body in the way that it was. For example, yesterday I learnt that my new job opportunity which was to start in September will now no longer be happening. Normally this would have sent me running for the Tramadol, however, I simply put down my phone, spent ten minutes stretching my spine and focused on my breathing and felt immediate calm with no need for the medication!!

I cannot believe the way in which the power of the breath has transformed my entire way of life...Thank you Sarah.

Pat and Steve Walker

We are in our mid sixties and we have spent the last fifteen years caring for our ageing parents. They all fought illness bravely but each of them was more frustrated by their loss mobility than by anything else. We decided to try to stay mobile.

We wanted a real yoga teacher and not someone who learned from the internet or a night school class. We also wanted a bit of exclusivity and we didn’t mind paying extra for it.

Sarah has been teaching us for six months now and she is everything that we were looking for; we are booked in for life if she will have us. She is very kind and very patient and it is easy to spend time in her company.

Sarah trained exhaustively in India. She is dedicated to her cause and, if she didn’t have to make a living, she would spend all of her time supporting those who need her help but who cannot afford it. We have developed great respect for her principles and we are warming to her practices even though they don’t come easy!

Yoga isn’t about ethereal people assuming graceful positions with ease. It’s about ordinary people like us starting to bend in places that we have never bent in before. We enjoy it and, if it keeps us out of wheelchairs in later life, we will enjoy it even more.