If you have limited mobility, you may like to know that you can still do yoga.

I offer chair yoga for those who may find it difficult to stand. Sometimes this might be age-related, restricted movement that has been caused by an injury or maybe you are recovering from surgery or suffering from a chronic illness.

Chair yoga makes it possible for many people to stretch and gently rehabilitate with very little impact and strain on the body. It is also very calming to the mind

Since lockdown, I have been teaching these classes via Zoom.  The benefit is that the sessions can be recorded so when you feel comfortable with the poses and alignment, you can practice as many times as you like.  You can even build up a library of sessions over time.

The sessions are 30 minutes long which means that you can easily fit this into your day.  Each class is different and is designed around your needs.  The cost for a bespoke 30 minute class via Zoom is £35.

A complement to chair yoga is PEMF which stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field or Frequency that I offer from my home in Redditch.  If you are suffering from pain or injury, you might like to learn more about it here as well as watch the short testimonial videos on the page. A 30 minute appointment typically costs £30.