Personalised Chair Yoga

If you have limited mobility, you may like to know that you can still do yoga.

I offer chair yoga for those who may find it difficult to stand. Sometimes this might be age-related, restricted movement that has been caused by an injury or maybe you are recovering from surgery or suffering from a chronic illness.

Chair yoga makes it possible for many people to stretch and gently rehabilitate with very little impact and strain on the body. It is also very calming to the mind

The sessions are 30 minutes long which means that you can easily fit this into your day.  Each class is different and is designed around your needs.  The cost for a bespoke 30 minute class via Zoom is £35. This is for a private one-to-one or one-to-two session.

20 Minutes of Mindful Movement

I offer a subscription based online service of pre-prepared chair based yoga lessons. Each session is 20 minutes long. This is offered on 4 weekly basis and cost less than a prescription!

If you already subscribed, you can login here

If you are interested in signing up, please get in touch.

My work with Versus Arthritis

I was approached by the National charity, Versus Arthritis, to deliver a 12 week online chair yoga programme to those suffering with arthritis.

Through the funding that they raised,  I was able to deliver lessons twice a week via Zoom to those living in Hereford or Worcestershire.  It was supportive and liberating knowing that everyone understood how your ‘bones’ might be feeling on a given day.  It became a place where you felt accepted among new friends of like-mind and body.

I have suffered since my mid 30s with Psoriatic Arthritis. I believe in empowering people to move and to show by way of example that you can do it!

Bones and Moans

I am running a six week online chair yoga programme for those who struggle with pain, stiffness and/or mobility as a result of a health condition or injury. Movement will be either on the chair or standing using the chair as a means of support. Sessions will be hosted on Zoom which means there is no venue to travel to and it is a way of staying safe if you are shielding or do not feel confident as yet to venture out.

There will be one 30 minute lesson each week for six weeks. Sessions will be held mid-morning to allow time for any stiffness in the body to ease and will be hosted on a weekday (day to be confirmed). The cost for the six week programme is £30 per person. To register your interest, please get in touch.


Movement For The Mind

An Online Programme To Support Those Suffering With Anxiety

Lockdown has created anxiety or exacerbated that feeling within many people. There seems to be two two types of response – anxiety created by the isolation or anxiety at the prospect of being back in the world (post lockdown). Lives and routines are now different and it is the fear of change that can bring about these feelings of panic and restlessness.

I am offering an online programme which blends together breathing techniques, visualisations and movements based around a chair which gives people some tools to help ease some of the mental tension that they may be experiencing. Some comfort may also come from knowing that everyone on the call will be of like-mind.

There will be one 30 minute lesson a week conducted via Zoom (the video function can be switched off if anonymity is preferred). The programme is initially for six weeks at a cost of £30 per person. To register your interest, please get in touch.

Complementary Care

A complement to chair yoga is PEMF which stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field or Frequency that I offer from my home in Redditch.  If you are suffering from pain or injury, you might like to learn more about it here as well as watch the short testimonial videos on the page. A 30 minute appointment typically costs £30.