I have trained over the years in a number of holistic therapies from Bach Flower Remedies through to Crystal and Spiritual Healing. I now dedicate the majority of my time being of service through yoga, but I am still able to offer guidance to my students on these matters should they be interested.

One of my main focuses holistically is working with essential oils (as well as PEMF). These align beautifully with yoga practice. I tend to diffuse oils in class to energetically and emotionally support the theme of the lesson. I am mindful that some people are sensitive to smell or a condition that they have can be aggravated by an oil; if I am made aware of this, I will take measures to accommodate them in the best way that I can.

Outside of class, I offer monthly wellness scans at my home in Church Hill, Redditch. The scanner is a small handheld device that works using Bioimpedance technology (the same technology used to measure your BMI).

It sends frequencies into the body and measures the resistance to those frequencies.

A simple report is delivered within 30 seconds which shows which oils you might need to support your well-being (physically, emotionally and environmentally). Each oil has its own frequency and this is how the scanner matches an oil to your need. For example, we might have had a cold or a virus some weeks ago and believe that we are ‘over it’ as we no longer have the symptoms, but we might still be carrying the frequency of that, so it hasn’t completely left the body yet. In this instance, we would use an oil to support the body with this. All the oils that I use are Certified Therapeutic Grade and are of the highest quality and purity.

Allow 30 minutes for your scan appointment so we have time to discuss your results. The session is free of charge. To attend my next monthly scanning session, please contact me to book your place. These are open to everyone, even if you do not attend yoga classes with me.

As with all complementary approaches, this is designed to support your well-being and is not intended to replace any medical advice or pharmeuticals that you might be taking.