What are Tea Meditations?

Drinking tea mindfully is about bringing the sacredness into everyday with something that is familiar to us. Tea is very much about connection and comfort, as the first thing we tend to offer someone when they visit us, is a cup of tea (unless they are a coffee drinker of course!).

I offer tea meditations as a way to focus and connect. They are perfect for bringing groups of people together whether that is colleagues, friends or family. Easily conducted online as well as in person when Government restrictions allow us to meet.

There is the option to just work on one tea type or if you wanted to foster an ongoing relationship with a regular group, you can journey through five tea variants – possibly getting together online or face-to-face for a gathering once a month.

What's involved in a Tea Meditation Session?

Sessions are usually around one hour depending on the amount of interaction between people. In that hour, you will learn about the tea itself, have a tasting, briefly look at its metaphysical connections related to the Chinese five elements, followed by a tea meditation and a short Chi Gong practice.

In advance of the session, you be sent a small sample of the tea (just enough for a tasting) as well as a visual of the meditation board related to that tea type.
Online sessions are £15 per person with a minimum of 10 in a group.

So if you are looking for a wellness team building exercise with a difference or something that is a little bit out of the ordinary to do with your friends and family, then please get in touch.

If you are an individual and would like to register your interest, I can let you know when I have enough people to start our own little tea gathering.