Is This You?

Are you struggling with one or more of the following?

  1. Pain (this is the number one reason why people come to my yoga classes)
  2. Stress/Anxiety/Depression (this category is the number two reason cited)
  3. Inflammatory conditions (Food Allergies, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia. Asthma, Skin Problems etc.)
  4. Poor sleep
  5. Lack of energy/vitality

As a society we tend to associate or identify with labels, but let’s strip those away and look at the most basic reason why we might be suffering from one or some of the above. Basically, it is due to low cellular voltage. Our cells become depleted due to environmental factors such as toxic overload from polluted foods, the increase in ‘electrosmog’ caused by mobile phone masts, wifi and radio waves that are constantly surrounding us and the use of chemicals in our daily life. These things slowly deplete our energy without us really being aware of it. When we become weak at a cellular level, disease patterns can take hold. Most of us spend much of our time indoors shielded from the natural energy from the Earth, an energy that makes us feel good. Recall just for a moment how it feels walking barefoot on the grass or breathing in the air at the seaside. Have you noticed we tend to feel much better and more invigorated when we are connected to nature?

What is PEMF?

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field or Frequency which is naturally occurring energy that the Earth emits (between 0-30Hz). We are designed to be in contact with this frequency to keep us well. Please read my blog to learn more about this. Due to our lifestyle, we do not have much direct contact with these energies – we are disconnected to the land and the circadian rhythms more than ever. We live in boxes and we even transport ourselves around in metal boxes on rubber wheels, shielding us from the magnetic energy of our planet.

What is a PEMF Session?

A session typically involves you laying down, fully clothed, on a PEMF mat. The only thing you might feel whilst using the mat is a very gentle warmth. The session(s) can be from 8-24 minutes depending on what your health priority might be. According to what you are looking to support and your time commitments, you will be asked to attend at a certain time (s) of day to maximise the benefits of your session. If you unable to lay down, you can still be accommodated and this can be discussed via a telephone consultation.

The sessions are held at my home in Church Hill, Redditch in a wooden outbuilding in my garden. This is intentional so you are not shielded too much from the outdoors. Have you ever noticed how calming it is to be inside a wooden structure? Where possible, I have ensured the materials are as chemically free as possible – with sheep wool insulation (untreated), wooden walls rather than plasterboard, water based paints and wool blankets. The environment is rustic, real and natural. Sessions can be conducted safely during COVID-19 too (when the Government allows businesses categorised under ‘Personal Care’ to trade).

I also offer a water energy charging service. This is excellent for those who are sensitive to energies or for those who want to slowly and subtly introduce the frequency into their bodies.  It is also useful for those who are having face-to-face sessions and want to ‘top up’ in between their appointments.  This involves leaving a sealed bottle of water (up to 2 litres) on my doorstep by arrangement and I will charge the water on the PEMF mat and leave for you to collect at your convenience later in the day.  Consume the water on that day.  This is a COVID friendly way of receiving supportive frequencies for your wellbeing.  If you are not familiar with Masaru Emoto’s work on Water Consciousness, I recommend you take a look.  It will go some way to explaining how energising your water can work for you. The charge for this service is £2.50 per bottle per session.

Is PEMF For Me?

PEMF is suited to almost everyone (even children) but is contraindicated during pregnancy, if you suffer from Epilepsy, have a pacemaker, cochlear implant, insular pump or had an organ transplant.

You do not have to have a health concern to benefit from PEMF. Maybe you are well but you need some extra support during a time of heavy work or personal commitments? You may have an important meeting, presentation or event coming up where you need more energy or you cannot wind down and sleep soundly due to a time of increased pressure. PEMF can also be used to support acute injuries, such as a sprained ankle, a broken bone or healing of a wound. Maybe you are a competitive sports person and you need to get back to form quickly following an injury? If so, then PEMF might be something you might like to consider? Are your children needing support leading up to exams or suffering from anxiety?

The applications are endless as we are working with natural energy supporting you at a cellular level irrespective of what condition or problem you may have. When we help the cells, the body can help itself.

Hear what others have to say about PEMF

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Back Pain

Foot Injury & Pelvic Pain

Broken Bone

What Next?

If you are interested, please contact me and I will email you an outline consultation form. From the information provided, I will work out an approach to your PEMF sessions and advise you accordingly.

The first session is £30 which covers reviewing your completed consultation form (returned to me in advance), working out an approach, your first eight minutes on the PEMF mat and a further eight minutes using a PEMF local applicator (pillow or probe) . Subsequent sessions are typically £24 which is for a total of 16 minutes of PEMF (this is usually split between a whole body application and targeting a specific area). If more time is required, then there is an additional charge of £1.50 per minute.

If you are unable to travel to me due to ill health, I can come to you. The fee is location and time dependent and can be discussed accordingly.

If you are interested in knowing more about PEMF, please visit my blog page and read about my own healing journey.

PEMF is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. If you are unsure if PEMF is for you, please consult your doctor.