What style of yoga is taught?

The yoga class is based on the Akhanda style with Iyengar inspiration (the use of props). ‘Akhanda’ means ‘whole’ or complete’ and works with posture, breath, mantras, meditation and mudras. Each session covers the 8 movements of the spine. The lesson is balanced by working on postures that are yang (active/strong) and those that are yin (surrendering/lengthening).

It is a static style of yoga meaning that we hold poses and take time to achieve the correct alignment in the best way that we can. This is important for the safety and protection of your body.

Every lesson should be and feel different as I theme each class. The overarching theme changes every six weeks. This ensures variety and interest for you and you may learn something about the broader aspects and philosophy of yoga.

Where are the classes held?

I run online group sessions every Monday at 9.30am via YouTube.  You are welcome to join in live,  but if this time is not suitable, you can follow the lesson when it is convenient for you.

The majority of my face-to-face yoga classes are held at St Andrews Church in, Redditch, Worcestershire. These groups are a mix of abilities (beginners to low intermediate), ages, genders and body shapes and sizes (see image gallery). Classes tend to average out between 15-18 people so it is not so large that you feel lost within the class and not too small that you feel self-conscious. I offer daytime and evening yoga sessions at this venue during the week and throughout the year. All equipment is provided so there is no need to make any investment in a mat until you feel comfortable that yoga is for you.

I offer a term-time yoga day time class at The Redi Centre, just on the outskirts of Redditch town centre. This group runs according to the school holidays so it works around parents who want to support their own wellbeing but also need to be there for their family. Anyone is welcome to this class, whether you are parent or not. In fact, I have some people who are part time workers, self-employed or retired attend this class. (this lesson is not currently running, but I do have a term time class on Tuesdays at 9.30am at St Andrews Church).

My private yoga classes are held at my yoga studio at my home in Redditch, Worcestershire. Typically, the private sessions are made up of individuals or couples who like to practice together. On some occasions, I have had whole families have lessons together (a group of 4-5 people). The studio is fully equipped with a yoga rope wall, blocks and belts. Please note that the studio is in a converted loft, so you must be able to climb a small integral ladder.

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How much are the group classes?

Online group sessions are £5 per person for a one hour class hosted via Youtube. I use this platform as many people are familiar with it and find it easy to watch on their TV screen.

In-person group yoga classes are £8 for one hour. You will be asked to commit to a series of 4 lessons at a time, at a cost of £32 (4 x 1hr lessons). The reason why you are asked to pay for a few sessions in advance is that it makes you more committed to attending (sometimes we need this when trying something new) and gives you the opportunity to find out if yoga or this style of yoga is for you. One trial lesson won’t give you a true indication as to whether or not you like it, as each week the lesson is different and also the way that you feel on a given day will be different (depending on what has happened to you during the week or before attending class).

Some people are undecided as to whether to opt for yoga or pilates. From a yoga teacher’s perspective, yoga is not just about the poses you do on the mat, but you will find that it will reach into your everyday life. It becomes more of a lifestyle than a class that you attend each week. For those that are seeking it, yoga has hidden depths that reveal itself to you when the time is right. Both yoga and pilates work the whole of the body, but with pilates there tends to be greater a focus on the core. Yoga is ancient and with that comes wisdom and knowledge. You never master or come to the end of yoga, The more you learn, the more there is to learn!

These are not one off courses or programmes but a continuous series of lessons. You are then most welcome to re-book every four weeks if you have enjoyed or benefitted from being in the classes.

Please contact me to book your place.

When are the classes?

Online group lessons are held every Monday at 9.30am, but you can watch the recording if you cannot make this time.

When Government restrictions are lifted, face-to-face classes run on Mondays (6.30pm and 8pm), Tuesdays (9.30am, 6.30pm & 8pm)  and Thursdays (6.15pm & 7.45pm). Private yoga lessons are daytime only on Mondays and Tuesdays and from time to time on Thursdays. Please contact me for details on availability.

What can I expect from a class?

If it is your first class, you will be asked to complete a short registration form asking for basic contact information and about any injuries or conditions you might have. The classes are suitable for those new to yoga, beginners or low intermediate students. Wear comfortable clothes such as leggings, jogging bottoms or shorts and a t shirt. During the class you will be asked to be barefoot. Bring something warm to wear for the end of the lesson.

My intention is for you to learn yoga in a supportive environment, enjoy yourself and meet like-minded local people whilst improving your overall wellbeing. We have a lovely and ever-growing yoga family who all help each other on their yoga journey, both on and off the mat.

Don't just take my word for it..

What my students say about me

  • Jennifer Hardcastle
    Sarah is knowledgeable in her practice, clear in instruction and a very passionate yoga teacher - I truly couldn't ask for more as one of her students for over a year. She genuinely cares and always wants the best for you on your mat. The other yoga students are all so welcoming and trust me when I say "no one's looking at you on your mat" we all care too much for our own development on our mats. Would recommend to everyone with all backgrounds who want self development in mind, body and health. Go on get in touch...what are you waiting for...you'll never know unless you try.
    Jennifer Hardcastle
  • David Tranter
    I've had the pleasure of being a student of Sarah's for the last 7 weeks. Sarah provides a welcoming, peaceful, supportive and friendly environment in which to learn. Her classes are small and intimate and her teaching style is both gentle and engaging. Sarah is a very knowledgeable lady having both studied and taught yoga for many years. She also has a natural enthusiasm for the Yoga way of life which is very infectious. Sarah has a wonderful attention to detail which is delivered to the student in an encouraging and supportive manner. She gives equal emphasis to both the spiritual and physical sides of yoga and each lesson is delivered around a central theme. Sarah is always happy, she delivers her teaching with a smile on her face and a joy in her heart that fills the class room. It’s a real pleasure and privilege to be taught by Sarah, I have learned much from her already and I’m looking forward to many more lessons to come.
    David Tranter
  • Andrew Maggs
    Sarah is an excellent teacher with a gentle yet firm approach and is able to inspire everyone in the class to reach just that little bit further and achieve something more in every session. When you add to this Sarah's core spirituality and willingness to explore and share new spiritual experiences (for example she has recently organised an introductory session with a Dogon Priest and a wonderful Druid ceremony) you have in her a powerful agent for real change in your life, both physically and beyond.
    Andrew Maggs
  • Steph Jones
    Noncompetitive, inclusive, friendly yoga! Sarah is fantastic teacher, she has a deep knowledge and understanding of the practise and shares this with her class. I learn something new every week, both about myself and the spiritual side of yoga. I'd be lost without this class.
    Steph Jones
  • Clive Newell
    First ever yoga experience for me and I think we’ve chosen the perfect class. Sarah is highly experienced and knowledgeable and this is reflected in the classes and experiences she offers. The classes are warm, welcoming and extremely relaxing. I have left each time with a lot of stress lifted. I think you’re stuck with us now Sarah. Thanks again.
    Clive Newell
  • Michaela Perry-Kay
    Its impossible to convey in a review quite how powerful these classes are which can only reflect the quality of the teacher! This is my first experience of yoga which has proven so far to be way more than just physical poise, its been enlightening and most empowering in such a short space of time. Thank you for finding me x
    Michaela Perry-Kay
  • Lisa Naylor
    I have been attending Sarah's classes now for over two years, twice a week. Having suffered with a bad back, neck and shoulders for years and tried all different ways to alleviate the pain I have finally found something that works! I have been to lots of other yoga classes over the years and have found Sarah's has been the best by far, and the only one I have stuck with! I love that each class is uniquely different, and tailored to individual needs. Sarah is very knowledgeable, a true yogi! Her classes are a pleasure to attend and I always come away feeling stress free, well stretched and recharged!
    Lisa Naylor
  • David Lyon
    Very welcoming class taught by an exceptionally talented instructor! Looking forward to next week!
    David Lyon
  • Elita Liubeckaite
    Recently joined classes with Sarah and got hooked. She is wonderful teacher full of experience and knows what she is doing, making everybody welcome and always greets you with a smile. Radiating peacefulness from inside. Each lesson is different. Something new to learn each time you go. I can't wait for Monday evenings to go and enjoy every single minute of it. Keep up with a good work that you do Sarah xxx
    Elita Liubeckaite
  • Annalie Baker
    Sarah is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. I spent just over a year attending classes following surgery on my ankle and Sarah was supportive, knowledgeable and helped me adapt where needed to get the most out of the class and to help with my rehabilitation and flexibility. Her classes are informative, supportive and always great fun. She is a truly inspirational teacher and her passion for yoga is evident. I was a complete yoga novice yet felt welcomed and supported by Sarah and the group (the small group sessions were fantastic). It was only a change in my work patterns that mean I had to stop my class. If you are thinking of trying yoga I cannot recommend Sarah enough.
    Annalie Baker
  • Jean Piddington
    The classes that Sarah runs in Redditch are excellent, she welcomes people with open arms whatever their abilities. Since joining here classes I feel energised, calm and focused. Yoga is no longer my hobby but a way of life, I would encourage newcomers to embrace this wonderful practise. Thank you Sarah for your guidance and patience.
    Jean Piddington
  • Craig Lippett
    I've only had 2 lessons with Sarah, but can feel the benefit already, as a designer I spend a lot of time at my desk and have struggled with flexibility. Sarah's class has already improved my sleep and posture, I can't wait to learn more and improve my overall posture and peace of mind! Can't recommend enough.
    Craig Lippett