The subject of this post follows on perfectly and coincidentally from the one about my trip to Bosnia? Why? As many of you know, I visited Visoko to meditate in the pyramids to bring me in contact with a non-polluted Schumann Resonance (a constant 7.83Hz is measured inside the pyramids). Little did I know back then that I would continue my interest in earth energy studies and become a practitioner in PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field or Frequency).

We spend much of our time nowadays in buildings that shield us from the earth’s magnetic frequencies. We are not receiving enough of the good energies (and that is why there is a lot in the popular media about grounding) and we are being bombarded on a daily basis by less helpful energies known as ‘electrosmog’ or ‘dirty energy’ which is having an impact on our wellbeing. Think of it like a computer programming running in the background, slowing everything down. You can’t see it, but you are experiencing its effects.

Our minds and bodies are designed to have a connection with the earth (our brain waves and cells work at frequencies between 0-30Hz, exactly the same as the frequencies that the earth emits). So when we are in tune, so is our health; this is why we feel better after a long walk in nature.

You may have read about the well documented underground bunker studies conducted over 30 years by Dr Wever. He took young, healthy student volunteers and placed them in bunkers for several weeks at a time. These bunkers were completely shielded from the natural resonances of the earth. After a short period, the students started to feel sick, experienced headaches, emotional problems, stress and depression. He introduced a magnetic pulse generator of 7.83Hz and he immediately remedied the problems.

Did you know that even NASA uses PEMF? They now equip the shuttles and spacesuits with magnetic field generators to simulate conditions on Earth (as there is no PEMF in outer space). Before this discovery, astronauts were returning very sick with depleted energy and a lack of strength.

Simply put, impaired health, irrespective of the condition, has its foundation in low cellular voltage. The voltage of our cells are negatively impacted by stress, toxic overload and aging. When the cell voltage drops below a certain level, disease and disharmony can take residence in the body. This was discovered in the 1950s by Dr Otto Warburg who won a Nobel Peace Prize for his work.

PEMF is used to increase our cellular voltage through replicating the Earth’s Frequency range (0-30Hz). A session typically involves laying fully clothed on a PEMF mat and depending on what your health priority is, you will be asked to attend your session at a specific time of day, naturally working in tandem with your brain wave frequencies and that of the Earth. Think of it like charging your car battery up. When the voltage is low, the car will not run, just like your body! And if we ignore the body for too long, it can manifest in longer term health conditions.

I have been researching and working with PEMF due to my own health challenges. Before I taught yoga, I had a very stressful corporate career which led to adrenal burnout and total exhaustion. Being young, I kept going and thought I could deal with it. At the time I could, but these things have a habit of catching up with you. When I started to become unwell, I left my career behind and trained to be a yoga teacher (the best thing I ever did). Yoga was and is an amazing healer. However, I am electromagnetic sensitive and I needed something else to crack the other part of the health puzzle. I have always wondered if being surrounded by mobile phone masts was affecting my cellular health/voltage more maybe than other people. Why were my food allergies getting worse despite living a healthy, organic way of life? When I was in the pyramids in Bosnia, I felt really well and I wasn’t reacting to the foods. Why when I went to Ibiza (the third most magnetic place in the world) was I able to eat pretty much everything? Was it just a coincidence that when I was in touch with the Earth’s magnetic energies that I was starting to feel better? As soon as I returned back to the UK, I could no longer eat those foods that I had done when abroad.

I have been using PEMF for almost 4 months now (at the time of writing, December 2019) and I am now able to eat foods (currently in moderation) that I have not been able to tolerate for the last 10 years. I realise that there will be some things that are not good for my body (such as nightshades) and I will stay away from these. It will be the same for all of you –you know which foods your body doesn’t like – we all have them, even if we don’t have allergies or intolerances. I am also keen to work on my psoriasis (which is aggravated by food types) but I (as do we all) have to remember that the body takes its own path to wellness, so it will heal first what is the biggest threat to the body. A journey to health is exactly that –a journey, not an overnight fix.

I have noticed some side benefits as a result of the ongoing treatment. These are almost hard to put into words as they feel almost ethereal. I feel much more space and freedom within my body. A year ago, I paid for live blood analysis or dark field microscopy to see what my cells looked like. They were all clumped together which often happens when you have inflammation in the body. After one session of PEMF, the cells start to separate and there is much more space between them. To better explain this, please see this short Youtube video. Spiritually, I feel much more trusting in the flow of life and the Universe and this is probably because I am now more connected with the feeling of the Earth from having PEMF.

Irrespective of what health challenge you might be facing, PEMF can help support you naturally. To learn more about this, please visit my PEMF page or drop me a line via the contact page.