Yoga for All

What style of yoga is taught?

The yoga class is based on the Akhanda style with Iyengar inspiration (using props in postures). ‘Akhanda’ means ‘whole’ or complete’ and works with posture, breath, mantras, meditation and mudras. Each session covers the 8 movements of the spine as well as all stations of postures (standing, on the stomach, seated/crouching, on the back, arm balances and inversions). The lesson is balanced by working on postures that are yang (active/strong) and those that are yin (surrendering/lengthening).



Where are the classes held?

The majority of my classes are held at a private yoga studio at my home in Redditch, Worcestershire. The studio accommodates up to 5 students. As the class sizes are small, you will benefit from receiving individual attention and assistance. The studio is fully equipped with a yoga rope wall, blocks and belts. These props are used to assist you with alignment in a posture. Please note that the studio is in a converted loft, so you must be able to climb a small integral ladder.

Some people do not feel comfortable in a small class setting, so I also offer larger classes (around 15 students) at a venue in Church Hill North, Redditch, Worcestershire. All equipment is provided but you are most welcome to bring a mat if you have one.

How much are the classes?

A class at my private studio costs £10 for one hour. This fee includes the use of all yoga equipment and a lesson in a private studio with a maximum of 5 students. You will be asked to commit to a series of 6 lessons at a time, at a cost of £60 (6 x 1hr lessons). Each series of classes has a different focus or theme.

Larger group classes cost between £7 and £7.50 for one hour (depending on location). You will be asked to commit to a series of 4 lessons at a time, at a cost of £28-£30 (4 x 1hr lessons).

These are not one off courses or programmes but a continuous series of lessons.

Please contact me to book your place.



When are the classes?

Daytime and evening classes are available throughout the week. Please contact me for details on availability. Click here to download a class timetable.


What can I expect from a class?

If it is your first class, you will be asked to complete a short registration form asking for basic contact information and about any injuries or conditions you might have. The classes are suitable for those new to yoga, beginners or low intermediate students. Wear comfortable clothes such as leggings, jogging bottoms or shorts and a t shirt. During the class you will be asked to be barefoot. Bring something warm to wear for the end of the class.

My intention is for you to learn yoga in a supportive environment, enjoy yourself and meet like-minded local people whilst improving your overall wellbeing.