Introduction to Menstrual Cycle Awareness

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(This event has passed)

Where it was:

St Andrews Methodist Church, Upperfield Close, Redditch B98 9AA

I am so delighted to be able to host this event on a subject that is very close to my heart. Jayne Power who will be leading this talk is the Group Facilitator of Red Tent Worcestershire and has been teaching about Menstruality Consciousness from her learning with leading International teachers and authors: Miranda Gray; Alexandra Pope; Jane Bennett; Uma Dinsmore-Tuli; Jane Hardwicke Collings and all the wonderful women in circle.

An informative and interactive introductory two hour session for women to reclaim and reconnect with their innate wisdom; their inner power through the teachings of cycle awareness, that wasn’t previously passed down. Discover the connections between the circadian, seasonal, life and moon cycles and the map of the menstrual cycle, with the availability of these qualities to understand and utilise them to your benefit. Come and explore how your inner intelligence is linked to regaining your rhythm and balance for your health and well-being on all levels physical, emotional and spiritual. You will be supported in circle to open your consciousness to these greater forces and know how connected you are to this power. Discover the missing jigsaw pieces, be inspired to want to explore more – learn how you can do so through menstrual cycle awareness.

Come and share in this wisdom and pass it down through the female generations in your family.

Venue Notes:

St Andrews Methodist Church only has parking for about 8 cars. Next door to the church is a derelict building with some land where you might like to park. A few minutes walk away is a parade of shops which has free parking for 2 hours (but you might slightly over run this as the talk itself is 2 hours long). If you choose to park on the neighnouring residential roads, please make sure there is enough space for emergency services to get through -there are many elderly people in the area and ambulances are often called out. Thank you so much.

Sarah x