Yoga At The Workplace

From my experience, yoga is introduced into the workplace for a number of reasons. It can be to support an employee’s physical and mental wellbeing. This in turn can help to reduce staff absenteeism due to poor health. The top cited reason for people attending my public group classes is back pain. Whether you work at a desk or have a physical demanding job, the back does tend to suffer from either being sedentary or being strained through exertion. The second reason is anxiety and depression. This has become a part of our everyday living as we become more and more isolated.

I have found that management want to strengthen communication between teams and departments as so much of our interaction these days is electronic. In some yoga poses, you might have to work together in pairs and this in turn helps to cement relationships outside of this formal environment.

Many organisations now have a well-being week once a year, where yoga forms part of that activity plan. Yoga is also introduced as part of a team building day; a class might be held at the beginning of the day to get employees ready for the events ahead. A yoga lesson can be planned around your brand or key messages that you want to support as part of this day.

Following Are Some Of The Companies Or Organisations Where I Have Taught Yoga:


Purity Brewing, Redditch

I loved the idea of teaching yoga in a brewery. I enjoy bringing yoga into a less than usual environment showing that this practice can be done anywhere. Purity’s brand aligns beautifully with yogic philosophy as they very much support sustainability, sourcing good organic ingredients and have excellent practice and trading ethics.

‘Yoga was introduced the Purity team, as our Managing Director had practiced for some years and had seen the benefits of the techniques used.

The team found the sessions to be very enjoyable, yet challenging in a positive way.

It was also a great way to strengthen relationships between departments.’

Claire James

PA to MD, Purity Brewing

Kingfisher Shopping Centre, Redditch

This relationship blossomed out an original enquiry I made about potentially hiring one of the meeting rooms within the shopping centre to teach one of my classes. I met Samantha Warby, the Office Manager that day and sometime later, she called me and asked me if I would like to teach yoga to the management team.

As part of our commitment to bringing well-being into the workplace an introduction to yoga course was arranged through Sarah.

The team members from across the business who attended thoroughly enjoyed taking some time out from their working day to try something new, and we had lots of positive feedback during and following the 4 week course.

Samantha Warby

Office Manager, Kingfisher Centre

Since this introductory course, I have been asked to teach again in a new purpose built studio for Kingfisher staff and residents of Redditch to use.

Birmingham Children’s Hospital

I was approached to teach yoga in Birmingham Children’s Hospital by one of the parents who attended my group evening classes. Her son has ongoing health issues and attends this hospital. Knowing first-hand the strain the parents and families are under whilst their child is poorly, I was asked to teach yoga in the brain surgery ward to bring a little peace to what is a very stressful time.

St Bede’s Catholic Middle School (Academy), Redditch

I was asked to run a yoga programme for the teachers of St Bede’s school. This coincided with the finish time of the school day. This was offered as a benefit to the staff partly subsided by the school. Some of the teachers from this class now attend my group evening sessions.

I can work with you to write lessons around key messages or branding to support your organisation through yoga. I have many ideas and contacts in the well-being industry and can help you to formulate a day or a programme to support staff.

Typically I charge one set fee for a lesson irrespective of how many people are in the class. I can bring equipment for up to 16, and if more was needed, I could order props on your behalf passing on any wholesale discounts to keep your overheads as low as possible. I am willing to travel out of the area, travel and fuel costs would be additional to the lesson fee.