Technological connection leads to social disconnection

In the age in which we live, we think we are making technological and medical breakthroughs and advancements. This may well be true in some respects, but often to gain something, there has to be a trade-off: natural law requires balance.

On the 1st October 2018, 5G was switched on in selected areas of the UK. It is supposed to make our data connection stronger on our devices, but at what cost? I noticed from this switch-on date that many people were unable to come to class; they were saying that they felt exhausted and generally run down for seemingly no apparent reason. We could call it a coincidence or maybe it was down to the change in the weather, but when you read about general 5G symptoms, it talks about this general malaise that no-one can quite put their finger on. It is a like a computer programme constantly running in the background, something that we cannot see, but slows everything up. The frequencies that now run through our atmosphere is doing exactly that to our immune system without us being consciously aware of it.

Technology whilst it is amazing in some respects, it also socially isolates us as we cling to a world projected through our devices rather than interacting on a personal level. This internalisation can create high levels of anxiety and depression (the second most stated reason why people attend my yoga classes). We have technological connection but social disconnection. Even if we love our own space, we still need people around us to keep us healthy, happy and whole. We need to bring back our sense of community and have a sense of belonging that extends beyond our own front door. I recognised this some years ago and this is why I wanted to teach yoga; to bring togetherness and connection between people. After all, we can all do yoga at home watching a Youtube video but again, it brings us back to social isolation. Sometimes, we underestimate the power of healing that comes from being a group, where we feel a sense of belonging and acceptance. Yoga means ‘union’ and for me that does not just mean union of mind, body and spirit but union with others.

So what can we do? Well, advancements are going to keep happening. Some of us that are sensitive will be affected by these advancements more than others. Just like an allergic reaction, a few might be irritated on a physical/mental level whilst a smaller group might have a major kick back from what is going on. Firstly, I think being aware of what is happening (even though we can’t see it) means that we can maybe start to make sense of how we feel within ourselves. We need to support our immune system with wholesome healthy foods. Switch our phones and WIFI off at night and keep these devices away from where we sleep. If you have some organite, keep that next to anything that gives off a strong frequency such as a router or mobile phone. Re-establish connection with nature as much as you can to ‘ground’ these energies. Send positive thoughts out to the Earth that so desperately needs our help and support. And lastly, reach out to friends, family, neighbours and your community and connect with one another on a real and personal level.