Tools and Techniques for Stress-Management

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St Andrew's Church Upperfield Close Church Hill North Redditch B98 9AA

Stress is said to be the disease of the 21st century. Feeling this way has almost become a way of life, so much so, we don’t pay much attention to it. However, it is only some time down the line that we realise the impact it has had on our health and those around us. The triggers can be a demanding job, a frenzied home life, financial burdens , ill health to name a few. We get stuck in unhealthy patterns both mentally and physically which only leads to further stress.

If you are able to, take some time out to understand your stress triggers and manage them better using simple tools and techniques. Just being with other people and sharing your own experiences, it will help you to realise that we all struggle with the same things. You will be given handouts that you can write on and refer back to when needed.

Subjects that will be covered include:

How our thinking affects us- the unhelpful ways we think
How we perceive situations
Symptoms of stress and techniques
The importance of relaxation
Coping with uncertainty
Why we worry
Looking at things out of our control and building up resilience

Please bring writing instruments, a notepad and a packed lunch. Hot drinks will be available on the day. There is a newsagent a few minutes walk away if you need any snacks.

There is parking at the venue for about 10 cars. Other than that, there is parking on the nearby residential roads. Please park with consideration as some of the local residents are elderly and sometimes emergency services need access.

There is no need to bring your ticket (please save the trees).

Thank you so much.

Sarah x

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