Sound Bath

Event Details

(This event has passed)

Where it was:

Beoley Village Hall, Redditch, B98 9AN

Come and relax with us on a Friday night, for most of you – at the end of your working week. Lay down, snuggled in blankets (and whatever you need to make yourself comfortable) and be immersed in a melange of sounds including gongs, singing bowls, drums and light percussion. Let this sound take you on a deep inner relaxing journey. Hopefully at the end of the hour, you will feel blissed out ready for a good sleep.

Event Notes:

Please bring something to lay on (mat or similar), a pillow and a blanket. Remember it can get cold laying still for a length of time, so if in doubt, bring more rather than less. You might also like to bring an eye mask or eye bag. If you are unable to lay on the floor, you are more than welcome to sit in a chair.

There is plenty of free parking at the venue. Please do not print out your ticket as I will have a list of all those who have booked – let’s save the trees! Everyone is most welcome.


Sound baths are not suitable for those in first trimester of pregnancy, anyone with severe mental health challenges , extensive metal plating or pacemakers.

With warmest blessings,

Sarah x