Sound Bath

Event Details

(This event has passed)

Where it was:

Beoley Village Hall, Redditch

The Motorcycling Yogi is excited to bring to you a new experience in Sound Healing led by Sarah Westwood of Primal Sound UK. Sarah creates a magical soundscape, combining shamanic drumming with the beautiful sounds of the gongs for a unique experience.

Regular sound ‘baths’ are invaluable for helping to relieve stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain issues, and for deep meditation/ journey experiences for those wishing to explore and expand their inner awareness. 

What to bring with you:

Something comfortable to lay on (a mat or similar), two blankets or soft bedding (for on top of you and possibly beneath you) and a pillow. Some people like to also cover their eyes with an eye bag or mask. Chairs will be available if you prefer to be seated. Please do not bring a sleeping bag as they make too much noise when moved about.

Please be aware:

Sound baths are not advisable during first trimester of pregnancy (and under your own responsibility at other stages), for those with a pacemaker or dissociative disorders. Take care also if you have hearing issues – bring earplugs as a precaution.


There is plenty of free parking at the venue. The sound bath starts at 7.30pm so please ensure that you are 5-10 minutes early to get settled in.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Sarah x