When it comes to yoga, “Motorcycling Yogi” run by Sarah, is a level above the traditional yoga classes I have attended. Sarah is engaging and listens to your needs, whereby she tailor’s yoga sessions to meet your requirements. Sarah’s one to one class has dramatically increased my mobility over the last year, they have allowed me to keep a competitive edge and to continue with my demanding fund-raising challenges. I am indebted to Sarah and look forward to a healthy future.

Alan Bailes

Private Yoga Classes

I first found Sarah after an Osteopath recommended I try yoga. I have suffered from achy joints and hand tremors since I was a teenager , I also have a family history of fibromyalgia, my mother, sister and aunt all suffer the disease to the point of being heavily medicated, my aunt is now wheelchair bound. As I started experiencing more symptoms such as memory problems, disturbed sleep, brain fog and my other symptoms worsened, it seemed obvious I have fibromyalgia. I am determined to avoid prescription medication for as long as possible, I have seen the side effects and they aren’t pleasant.

After my first phone call with Sarah, it was clear that her main focus was helping me in whatever way she could, she was knowledgeable about the symptoms I was experiencing as she had suffered similar herself.

I had never done any kind of yoga (or much exercise in truth) before my first lesson, so I was very nervous, Sarah put me at ease immediately explaining that no one can actually be bad at yoga, it is what you get out of it that is most important. Almost immediately after my first lesson I felt an improvement, that night I slept properly for the first time in years and my tremors had dramatically reduced. Now five months on and I haven’t taken a painkiller in months, I sleep like a baby, I don’t shake, my thinking is clear and I have become more productive. I feel ‘normal’ again.

After a few lessons, I began to feel more comfortable with Sarah and we got to talking about some fertility issues I’ve had. I have experienced multiple early miscarriages, during this conversation Sarah was kind, sympathetic and very patient with me. She is a great listener and handled a very personal and emotional subject both professionally and with compassion. We started working on this together. Sarah explained that my body had been through a lot of trauma in a short space of time and, if I felt comfortable, we could start working on recovering from this. She recommended an essential oil to help balance my hormones and we did postures to stimulate and balance my hormones, open up my pelvis and release any tension. I am now six weeks pregnant and everything is progressing perfectly, I am feeling very positive about the future.

In summary, Sarah is excellent at what she does and has changed my life for the better, I am no longer in pain or struggling to think. This has in turn improved my relationships dramatically, particularly with my partner, I am able to be more focused and productive and I am calmer and more relaxed. Most importantly, I am now learning to listen to my body, forgive myself and be kind to myself.

Tanya Adkins

Private Yoga Classes

We have been going to Sarah for 3 years now. After trying yoga at various different places we found that Sarah’s classes were the best. My mum is 71 and hadn’t exercised for over 25 years. Her flexibility and posture are amazing now. I work as a beauty therapist and have found its helped release tension in my neck and back from constantly leaning over. We both feel great after a class with Sarah.

Katharine Hewitt

Private and Group

I have been suffering from severe back, neck, chest and side pain for several years now… It is aggravated by stress and caused through medical negligence. After several visits to my osteopath he recommended that I tried yoga to help me de-stress and learn to breathe properly. He gave me The Motorcycling Yogi’s number and we from there. Firstly had a lengthy, informative telephone conversation and booked my first one on one lesson.

On immediately meeting Sarah I felt welcomed and knew that this was totally going to work for me. We spent our first hour concentrating on some simple stretches for my spine but most importantly learning to breathe – something I have not been doing correctly for way too many years. Through the power of the breath I have learnt to immediately de-stress myself particularly at work. My job is very stressful and the stress intensifies my pain. However, since learning to control and more importantly focus on my breathing and visualising moving the breath to different areas of my body, I am very pleased to say that the stress is no longer affecting body in the way that it was. For example, yesterday I learnt that my new job opportunity which was to start in September will now no longer be happening. Normally this would have sent me running for the Tramadol, however, I simply put down my phone, spent ten minutes stretching my spine and focused on my breathing and felt immediate calm with no need for the medication!!

I cannot believe the way in which the power of the breath has transformed my entire way of life…Thank you Sarah.

Claire Barley

I was completely new to Yoga when an osteopath referred me to Sarah following treatment for back pain. Although I was aware of the potential physical benefits of Yoga, I had not appreciated the tremendous impact on my general well being, health and work life.

Sarah’s intensive, 1:1 sessions were designed around my specific needs and I began to see and feel improvements right from the outset. As our weekly sessions continued I began noticing that my flexibility, strength and balance were all getting better. What surprised me were the improvements to my memory, concentration and work capacity.

My work involves long periods of sitting at a computer or with a coaching client where intense levels of concentration are required. I found it easier to be really ‘present’ in a coaching session, focusing solely on the individual and clearing my mind of all other distractions. Inevitably my posture has improved and I suffer from much less back discomfort than before.The energy and level of alertness I now experience means I can be much more productive in my work outputs.

The work we have done on breath control and balance enables me to be even more effective when I am facilitating conferences or workshops. The increased sense of being grounded and with a greater sense of physical and spatial awareness has made a real difference.

Sarah has a wonderfully friendly approach and she quickly assessed my needs, wants and learning preferences. She has helped me to develop confidence, courage and ability, and an enjoyment in Yoga which I had not anticipated. Sarah is adept at creating the right amount of challenge in her sessions – pushing boundaries but always ensuring that there can be a sense of achievement and success. She also introduces elements of the history, language and philosophy of Yoga which help me to understand some of the background and wider context. Sarah’s approach and has enabled me to begin to learn Yoga effectively and I now attend some of her group classes.

This too has been a revelation. Sarah’s classes contain a happy and diverse mix of ages, abilities, sizes, shapes, gender, experience and expertise. Even in a large class Sarah engages with everyone as an individual and creates a supportive environment in which we can all relax and enjoy our Yoga.

Sarah sent me a picture the other day; it said “WARNING, Yoga has been known to cause health and happiness”. I’d take that sentiment further: Yoga can change your life. Thank you Sarah.

Julia Randall