Why Yoga in the Workplace?

Here are just a few benefits that yoga could bring to your workplace:

  • Decreased staff stress levels
  • Reduced stiffness and tension from long periods of sitting or standing
  • Improved productivity ,concentration, memory and creativity
  • Reduction in the number of sick days taken by staff
  • Increased morale
How many of your staff have days off due to back issues, injury or stress related illness?

Generally speaking most of us have become inflexible and stiff due to inactivity or strain.  We spend long hours each day sitting down, whether it’s commuting by car or train or sat working at a desk. This can lead to tension in the neck, shoulders, back, hips and hamstrings causing a range of musculoskeletal conditions. Manual workers too, while they are more active during their working shift, can also suffer due to constant bending and carrying heavy loads.

As a nation, we are now wedded to our devices, permanently connected and on call which is not conducive for healthy state of mind. In fact, the most cited reasons for attending my yoga classes are to reduce anxiety and depression. Yoga gives your employees permission to take time out for themselves, even if that is for a short period once a week. When your employee’s state of mind is eased, some of their associated physical conditions start to improve too.

Yoga can also have a positive influence on attitude to work. The mindfulness it creates can make employees more present and focused. It can help to engender better relationships and can assist staff in dealing with difficult situations more effectively. In this respect, yoga does far more than any other form of ‘exercise’ possibly could, allowing each individual to work within their own comfort zone, in a safe and non-competitive environment. Click here to read how regular yoga practice has impacted on the work of one of my students.

Payment plans
Payment Plans Plan Information (minimum class numbers apply)
Plan A The company pays a flat fee and as many people can attend as they like (I have enough equipment for 15 people. More people can attend if they have their own props or are provided by the company).
Plan B The company pays 50% of the fee and the employee pays the other 50%.  The company would deduct the employee’s yoga fee from their salary each month.
Plan C The employees pay their own yoga fee with 4 payable weeks upfront
What do I need to provide?

All you would need to provide is a suitable room each week (free of charge) in which to conduct the class.  I can bring equipment for 15 people.  The class duration is typically 45 minutes to allow the employee to get changed and return to their desk within one hour. I would also require a parking space close to your office or organisation due to the amount of equipment that I need to support the class.

Interested in knowing more?  Please contact me to arrangement a meeting.