Introduction to my classes

The Motorcycling Yogi yoga classes are about creating a sense of community and enjoyment. My intention is for people to have fun whilst learning yoga and to not feel intimated about going to a class. Everyone is welcome, regardless of age, size or ability.


What you can expect is small, supportive and engaging yoga sessions. The yoga class is based on theAkhanda style. Akhanda means whole or complete and works with posture, breath, mantras, meditation and mudras. Each class covers the 8 movements of the spine as well as all stations of postures (standing, on the stomach, seated/crouching, on the back, arm balances and inversions). The class is balanced by working on postures that are yang (active/strong) and those that are yin (surrendering/lengthening). Props are available to help you with alignment and safety whilst in a posture.