The following products and companies have been tried and tested by myself. They will help support you in your yoga practice on and off of the mat. Simply click on the logo to take you to the web page.


I use dōTERRA therapeutic essential oils in my day-to-day life to help support my health naturally. I also use them in my yoga practice to help deepen a posture or release an emotion from the somatic memory.  I run exploratory workshops on how to use these oils in your practice.  There is an oil for every condition you can possibly imagine and many of my students are now using these oils to help themselves and their family. Why I love this company so much is not only due to the purity of their products but also their business ethics. Click on the logo above to explore their products which includes single oils, blends, oil supplements and skin care ranges. If you would like a personal consultation on what oils are best for you, please get in contact and I will happily offer you a free wellness consultation.  If you are interested in yoga and essential oils, please register your interest for one of my workshops by emailing me.


I simply adore these shoes! If you cannot spend your day with your bare feet on the Earth, then these are a must. They ground your energy as well as protect you from electromagnetic energy and geopathic stress. A kinesiologist exposed me to both of these environmental pollutants and my body became so weak. I was then tested again wearing my Earth Runners and I had no loss in energy or strength when I was exposed to the same energy stressors.

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Yoga equipment, books, clothing – this store has got it all. I bought most of my personal yoga equipment from here.